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We believed in organic before organic was cool.

Vegetable Ranch was founded by Larry Pletcher in 1988 as one of the first organic farms in the state of New Hampshire; it has remained so for over 30 years. Larry was loved by all who knew him and acted as a great boss and mentor to all. He played a key role in the development of the organic farming community in the greater area.

Larry passed away in 2021 but his legacy lives on through the dedicated workers and farming community he has created.

Vegetable Ranch remains in the Pletcher family and is now owned by his daughter Jennifer Pletcher and managed by Molly Alfonso, an employee of four years.

Vegetable Ranch is a local source of high quality certified organic produce. From lettuce to tomatoes, spinach to potatoes, from broccoli to squash and peppers, the farmers at the Vegetable Ranch LLC grow more than 40 heirloom and New England vegetables with good nutrition and a healthy environment in mind.

Our mission is to provide healthy, sustainably grown food to our community and help bring awareness to the importance of buying and supporting local. We deeply believe that local organic produce tastes better and is better for your health; while organic farming practices make farms and customers alike better stewards of our environment.

Local Harvest CSA

A multi-Farm CSA made up of six certified-organic New Hampshire family farms.

Local Stores and Restaurants

Warner Public Market, Sweet Beet Market, The Concord Coop, Revival Bar and Kitchen, NH Pizza Co., Local Harvest CSA, Granite State Naturals, and the NH senior nutrition program.

Vegetable Ranch also offers our own 6-8 week Winter CSA with 2 pick up locations in Concord as well as a farm pick up option. More details will be posted by September of 2023. 

Saturday Farmers Market

You can find our product at the indoor Winter farmers market in Concord (Nov-April), the Concord farmers market on Capitol street (May-Oct).

Custom Farm Pickup

Order online and pick up at the farm. We will email you shortly after placing your order to arrange a pickup time. Orders will be packed in a box and placed on a table on the porch of the barn. Self-serve. Either pre-pay online or leave exact change or a check in the cash box provided.

What Does it Mean to be "Certified Organic?"

Since 2002, the term “organic” has been defined and regulated under federal law. In New Hampshire, the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food is authorized by the US Department of Agriculture to certify NH farms.

Interestingly, the federal law only defines what organic agriculture is NOT. The regulations don’t tell organic farms what to do or how to do it. Instead, the regulations provide very specific details in regards to what organic farms cannot do. For consumers, this approach makes a certain amount of sense. Consumers of organic produce know they are NOT getting genetically modified crops (no GMOs, for example), they are NOT getting chemically treated seeds, crops doused with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or persistent toxic pesticides that contaminate air, soil, water and people. Organic consumers know their food has not been irradiated, sprayed with raw manure, or contaminated during shipment by proximity to conventional produce.

2023 Employment Opportunites

Vegetable Ranch Farm Staff 2023

Type: Full Time, seasonal
Compensation: $1,200/month stipend, housing
$12/hr without housing
Desired commitment: May-October (flexible)

Find Us

The Vegetable Ranch on Kearsarge Mountain Road in Warner is a great place to find organic produce and certified organic whole frozen chicken.

By pre-ordering you can arrange to pick up your grab and go pre-packed order at the Farm or on Saturday mornings at the Concord Farmers Market. To place your order just click the button above. 

Phone: (603) 456-2194

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